IQAir Aerosol Mitigation

We have incorporated two systems to decrease procedural aerosols in our practice, both of which have filters that move far beyond the 0.3 um particle limits of the more common HEPA filters. We use IQAir Flex Vacs which suction aerosols at 300 cubic feet per minute (cfm) through a proprietary filter with a capture efficiency of 99.5% of particles to 0.003 um. We also use Sentry Air Dental Aerosol Extractors which suction aerosols at up to 700 cfm through an ULPA filter that capture efficiency of  99.9995% of particles to 0.12 um. These units further capture even smaller particles on electrostatically charged fibers in their filters through a tunneling effect. 

The IQAir products are manufactured in Switzerland. Please see details at

The Sentry Air products are manufactured in the USA. Please see details at