Infection Control


With so many air purification choices on the market we were intent on incorporating the most tested and researched system available. After extensive research we chose technologies from Ratic8, a world leader in air purification. Ratic8 is based in the UK and they are rapidly expanding across the globe. While many companies make claims about the effectiveness of their products, Ratic8 has the staggering numbers to prove it, with its filtered air resulting in a 6 log reduction (99.9999%) of respiratory viruses. We are incorporating the VK102 in our reception area and a VK401 in each operatory, and we would urge you to visit their website to view their technologies. 

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We have incorporated two systems to decrease procedural aerosols in our practice, both of which have filters that move far beyond the 0.3 um particle limits of the more common HEPA filters. We use IQAir Flex Vacs which suction aerosols at 300 cubic feet per minute (cfm) through a proprietary filter with a capture efficiency of 99.5% of particles to 0.003 um. We also use Sentry Air Dental Aerosol Extractors which suction aerosols at up to 700 cfm through an ULPA filter that capture efficiency of  99.9995% of particles to 0.12 um. These units further capture even smaller particles on electrostatically charged fibers in their filters through a tunneling effect. 

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In addition to thorough surface sanitization with sprays and soaks we have also incorporated a hospital grade UVC light room sanitization cart, the MRS33-8 from American Ultraviolet. For UVC lights to be effective, a particular pathogen’s inactivation dosage must be reached on the surface targeted for sanitization. The relevant factors are light intensity, duration of exposure, and distance from the target. We have tested our unit with dosimeters at various surfaces to ensure the proper amount of time to disinfect any and all relevant pathogens, particularly with known dosages for coronaviruses. All operatories, the reception areas, and the sterile room are light sanitized every day. 

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We have incorporated the Sterisil System G5 which utilizes six stages of water purification to ensure complete safety for patients, staff and equipment. Dental water is purified through Reverse Osmosis, Deioniziation, Class A UV light, and a patented EPA registered silver-based treatment. This system continually fights against viruses, bacteria and resulting biofilms. The result is dental water quality at ≤10 CFU/ml HPC bacteria, 50 times lower than the ADA, CDC and EPA guidelines. The system provides full live diagnostics to monitor for pure, clean dental water on demand. 

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